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Hi, my name is Angie, I ppromd at 22 weeks and was [...]

Posted by @aknoblauch in NICU, Apr 19, 2015

Hi, my name is Angie, I ppromd at 22 weeks and was hospitalized at Winnie Palmer the same day. Never found out why but I delivered at 27 weeks, Brooklyn weighed 1lb 15 oz and was 14 in long. She did very well and checked out of the hospital 9 weeks later, 1 month before her due date. We had a 1 week stay in the hospital when she was 1 with RSV. Other than that and Lots of upper respiratory infections, she is doing wonderful and will be 3 this summer. Does anyone know if Winnie Palmer does any reunions for the preemies?


Posted by @aknoblauch, Apr 19, 2015

Forgot to mention she was born August 26, 2012.


Posted by @ArnoldPalmerMod, Apr 22, 2015

Hi @aknoblauch - Thank you for joining our NICU community group and for sharing your story! The next NICU reunion will coincide with the Walk for Winnie event (formerly Miracle Miles Run), which will take place on September 12 at Sea World. There will be many NICU families fundraising for the NICU leading up to this event, as well as participating in the walk on the day of. This day is a great way to bring our NICU families together and celebrate our tiny babies and NICU graduates. To learn more about the event, visit We look forward to connecting with you further!

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