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Hello all, My fiance and I had our little girl on May [...]

Posted by @mastrobles, Jun 20, 2016

Hello all,
My fiance and I had our little girl on May 12th. She was not due until July 29th and her arrival was a surprise. On Mothers Day I lost my mucus plug and starting cramping. I had went into the hospital I planned on delivering at in Gainesville,our hometown, they hooked me up to the monitors and because my cramps did not register as contractions they would not check me for dialation. I went home and continued having mild cramps. Monday and went to visit my mom and stay a couple of days. On Tuesday morning at 1:00 am I woke out of my sleeping by horrible pains that I soon realized were full blown contractions. My mother drove me to a local hospital and they did a cervical check and found me to be between 5-6 centimeters dilated. I was rush transfered to Winnie. By the time I arrived I was 7. They immediately put me on mag to try to slow my contractions and keep baby in at least long enough for the steriods to set in. By Thursday night she was all the way in my birthing canal head down and I had no cervix left. We welcomed our baby girl Amelia into the world at 8:24pm. She was only 2 pounds 2.5 ounces. Most beautiful girl Ive ever seen.

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