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Fisr of all I would love to thank the whole staff in [...]

Posted by @dustinsmommy, Jan 11, 2016

Fisr of all I would love to thank the whole staff in nicu if it weren’t for u my son wouldn’t b here! On AugAug 26 2015 I had my little boy Dustin at a different hospital. He was born premature and his lungs weren’t fully developed … His lungs collapse and it was hard for him to breathe… They transfered him to winni… I will tell u the night they transfered him we didn’t think he was going to make it… The lady that did the transfer reassured me that this was the best place for him…. He went from being in pod 2 critical condition to leaving pod6 in my arms…. The nurses would let me call all day if I wanted and every time I was there the nurses made my husband and I calm…. 1 week and the nurses in pod 2 got to experience our tears of Joy wen we held him for the first time and realized he was going to make it…. To pod 6 and the nurse ran out to me as I was taking my son home just to hug me and congratulate me… U guys not only help the babies that need u but u also help the parents cope and have faith… I owe uguys everything… My son is now 4 months old weighs 16pounds 10ounces and is so healthy and so happy… Our family is whole


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